Techno Lovers watch out … because it will be loud, hot, wet and [IL]LEGAL 
We are looking forward to let the basses boom together with you, to live the love for music and to escape into a dark, sparkling world. In the package we have some famous tracks for you.  
Let yourself be musically blown away by these great artists: Svetec and Zeuz We all live for nights that no one remembers, with people we will never forget and we have some talented local artists that will make the night unforgettable. So let’s rock the earth together, dance the night away, ride the waves of bass and greet the sun in the morning with melodic harmony. 

On Kraft[werk] you will be carried by:Svetec
Dominik Pazzer
HockiOn Zeit[raum] they will make you dance:Prada2000
Luli Panasci
Onny Cho

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